Level Sense PRO Legacy Upgrade & Refurbishment

Title: Level Sense PRO Refurbishment
Sale price$ 49.99


For customers with older Level-Sense PRO units which are out of warranty we provide the following service:

  • We send a prepaid shipping label to US customers for a box no larger than 10" x 7" x 5" to send the level sense pro head unit ONLY to Sump Alarm. (Canadian customers must ship into the US themselves)
  • We will refurbish your level sense pro with a new battery, enclosure, and firmware and put them through a full QC test.
  • If the product fails the QC test we will repair or replace the necessary parts to retain full functionality.
  • We will return ship back to US or Canadian customers as part of the upgrade cost within 72 hours of receipt of the product.
  • The product is returned with a one year warranty.
  • This upgrade will provide users with the full functionality of the New Level Sense Portal 

Also, please be aware that your Level Sense PRO will continue operating and doing its job regardless of its age. New features have been released and we will continue releasing additional features that an upgraded device will give you. 

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