Connecting 2.4GHz Devices to Google Mesh and Google Fiber
Level Sense Pro with Google Fi Routers

Google WiFi Dropping Connection? The Google system by default tries to move 2.4GHz devices to a 5GHz connection. Since IoT can only connect on 2.4GHz, this causes an almost infinite loop of your Devices connecting and disconnecting. To get arround this issue, connect a 2.4GHz device to a mesh system or Google fiber:

1) Via the Google Wi-Fi app, begin to create a guest network

2) Setup Guest Wi-Fi account with Security.

3) Add devices that you would like

4) WiFi is setup using only 2.4GHz connections, you can now add your Level Sense device(s) if you have not already to this guest network.

Like most IoT devices, Level-Sense products operate exclusively using a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. IoT devices have always been designed for 2.4GHz, and prefer this lower frequency. 2.4GHz  allows IoT  devices great coverage over distance and a solid, steady connection and lower cost to produce.

Google Wi-Fi routers and many other Mesh Routers (i.e. Orbi etc) operate using two networks with the same login credentials. These devices market themselves as being smart and "choosing the right network" for you. Unfortunately, even Googles newest technology is flawed in this area, and will often move 2.4GHz devices the 5Ghz band.

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