WiFi Enabled Sump Pump Alarms

No Water Depth Data Is Showing Up in Graphs

In the event that you are not seeing any activity in the water level graph, it's likely that your Level Sense PRO is not sending water depth data to us. In nearly all cases where this occurs the root cause relates to the depth wire either not being installed correctly or not being installed at all. So please do the following. First, the depth wire connects to the LEFT 2 connections on the Green Terminal block at the bottom of the Level Sense PRO. If there is nothing connected to those two terminals, that is the problem. Next, the depth...

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Connecting 2.4GHz Devices to Google Mesh and Google Fiber

Google WiFi Dropping Connection? The Google system by default tries to move 2.4GHz devices to a 5GHz connection. Since IoT can only connect on 2.4GHz, this causes an almost infinite loop of your Devices connecting and disconnecting. To get arround this issue, connect a 2.4GHz device to a mesh system or Google fiber: 1) Via the Google Wi-Fi app, begin to create a guest network 2) Setup Guest Wi-Fi account with Security. 3) Add devices that you would like 4) WiFi is setup using only 2.4GHz connections, you can now add your Level Sense device(s) if you have not already to this guest network. Like...

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Level Sense Pro Password Reset

    To clear the Wi-Fi credentials from the Level Sense Pro, complete the following password reset steps. Press and hold the USER button until all four LEDs turn solid red. If after 10 seconds they have not turned red, release the button for a few seconds and try again. It can take several attempts to get into password reset mode. Once all four LEDs turn red, click the user button two times so that only two of the red LEDs remain lit, usually this requires two button clicks. Wait ten seconds and press the RESET button. The password reset is complete. A red cloud LED...

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A Wi-Fi Extender for use with Level Sense Pro Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor

Wi-Fi Extenders are a great way to get signal to your Level Sense Pro and be sure that it stays strong at the sump pump. Recently, we purchased a handful of different extenders and tested all of them with the Level-Sense Pro. Some performed better than others. Here is the winner (and our recommended Wi-Fi Extender for Level Sense Pro), the TP-Link AV500 Powerline Universal WiFi Range Extender 2 Ethernet Ports Starter Kit (TL-WPA4226KIT). At the time of this writing, the cost is $55. There are several variations (Click Here to go directly to the correct version on Amazon.Com).  We came...

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Level Sense Pro Device & Portal Password Requirements

  Two Passwords are required to put your Level Sense Pro Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor online. The first password is needed by Level Sense Pro Device to join your local home network. Following the instructions in the manual, this password is entered in the box below and must consist only of numbers and letters. Special characters such as ?!@#$%^&*() will not work. The password must have a minimum of 8 and maximum of 48 characters. Note that if you are using a Wi-Fi Extender, this will be the password to the extender - not to the router.  The second...

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