WiFi Enabled Sump Pump Alarms

My Wifi Signal Strength is Too Low at the Sump Pump, What Now?

If you've concluded your Wi-Fi signal strength at your the sump pump is low, there are a number of ways to increase it.

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Level Sense Device Goes "Offline" Occassionally

The purpose of this article to help users troubleshoot wifi enabled sump pump alarms (generally Level Sense units) that occasionally go "offline".

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WiFi Sump Pump Alarms and Signal Strength

Having a Wi-Fi enabled sump pump or septic alarm is just like any other home automation device - except for one thing - the location. Sump Pumps and Septic Systems are known to be distant from a home's wireless router. The purpose of this article is to help you determine if you have adequate signal strength.  We do have users who's wireless sump and septic alarms work great most of the time - however occasionally they will receive a nuisance notification from their wifi enabled high water alarm that it is "offline", only to come back on again a short period later....

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