Connecting A Level Sense Pro & Sentry to Wireless Network
In order to connect to a wireless network, you will first need a white cloud LED. This is true if you have a new device, or wish to connect an existing device to a new network. 

If you do not have a white cloud LED, then proceed to the password reset blog post, and return to this post once you have completed the password reset process. 
1. On a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, head to the wireless settings, look for the wireless network named LEVEL SENSE, and CONNECT to the level sense network. 

2. On smart phones, once you select the LEVEL-SENSE_XXXX network, a captive page should appear or pop up, if you are on a computer, open a browser, and type in
You should see the CONFIGURATION page.

(*Mobile view, In this example our network is called "SCAN FOR NETWORK.guests")

(Desktop view)

3. Select the 2.4 GHz SSID (or network name for the local 2.4 GHz network).
4. Type in the Password (Case, space & character sensitive - and does not take some special characters).
5. Beneath the password field there is another text box. If you have already created an account on the Level-Sense website, enter that email into this textbox.
6. Press Submit, It will tell you to press the reset button on the Level Sense device.

*On mobile, the captive page will close automatically once reset is pressed, on desktop you may close the confirmation page at any time once the reset button is pressed. 

After restarting, the Cloud LED will pulse yellow until it connects to your Wi-Fi. Upon successful connection, the device will either:
1. Blink with random colors on all four positions (present a claim code) OR
2. Change the color of the cloud LED to blue (the device has been automatically claimed via email) OR
3. Change the cloud LED to RED (no local internet connection). This can be caused by incorrect password or the network is out of range. If this happens, press the RESET to try again. If it does not connect on subsequent attempts, please reference the password reset section of the user manual (Section 10.0). You can also follow the directions found in this video:

Once you've successfully connected to your home Wi-Fi network, please move onto product registration of the manual.

Please follow the user manual for installation of the sensors & let us know if you have any further questions.

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