Which Product Line is Right for Me?

I am asked this question multiple times a day: which device is right for me, a Sump Alarm or Level Sense device? The answer is straight forward, and in this blog post I am going to break down the use cases for both devices.

To begin, Sump Alarm devices are built for both indoor and outdoor applications. The device is rated to handle temperatures from -40F to 140F, and these devices do not care if it is sunny, raining, or snowing, they are purpose built to handle the elements. They come standard with a 6ft 120V power cord, and the length of the sensor is what is variable. This allows you to purchase the length of sensor that is necessary for your application. We also have float switches for clean water use to septic, and sewage. Sump Alarm does not currently have battery back-up, and mobile applications. We were however awarded a patent in 2020 for technology in the Wi-Fi enabled Sump Alarm devices. In short, we can deliver an offline notification for a tripped breaker and or loss of internet without a battery! This is called server-side back-up.


Level Sense on the other hand is an indoor only device. Temperature ratings are from 32F to around 100F. As with Sump Alarm, we have devices with and without Wi-Fi functionality. One distinguishing feature of some of the Level Sense product line is an integrated back-up battery (Level Sense Alarm & Pro). Lastly, if you are looking for additional features like the ability to get your home’s temperature, humidity, as well as the water level in your sump, then Level Sense Pro is the best bet for you. Devices in the Level Sense product line do not have the ability to be mounted outdoors, but they can tote additional features when compared to the heavier duty Sump Alarm Devices.


In closing, we have you covered with both indoor and outdoor devices, and from clear water to septic and sewage applications. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service email: customerservice@SumpAlarm.com or via phone at 314-787-8059.

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