The New Portal has been a work in process for 3 years. It includes major increases to security. Security upgrades are a "continuous improvement" effort. Suffice to say we are taking significant steps forward in this area. Benefits of the new portal:

  • More Secure
  • Faster
  • Embedded into the Website
  • Supports the Release of (and integration with) APPS
  • Sends Notifications with Tracked Delivery
  • Change your accounts (in PERSONAL INFO) from F to C for temperature
  • Charted Wi-Fi Signal Strength (firmware upgrade may be required)
  • Shows device MAC address (firmware upgrade may be required)
  • Enhanced water level graph tuning tools (up and down)
  • Users can name their sensors now, not just "Float and Leak" anymore!
  • Monitor the rechargeable battery voltage internal to the unit
  • Improved user instructions with mouse over "?" 's

What will change?

The way you will log in. There will no longer be a PORTAL link on the website.
You'll log in on the website with the same email address used on the portal, and create a new password. 

Do you need to do anything with your device to have it report to new portal? NO.

The new platform will also position us for future expansions of capabilities. As a part of all this, your devices will be downloading new firmware. They will do this automatically. If you have an older device from 2015 it may not have the ability to download firmware - and we will be contacting those customers individually to arrange for us to get you that capability. We will be working through the population doing remote firmware upgrades over the next few weeks.