Conductivity Probe Sensor - Level Sense (by Sump Alarm Inc.)

Conductivity Probe Sensor

$ 35.99

This conductivity sensor is built indoor or outdoor use. Two high grade steel probes mounted to a grounded twisted shielded pair with drain wire for signal insulation and use in close vicinity to pump control conductors. 

Sensor is rated for low voltage DC use and conducts in the MilliAmp range when the probes touch clear water. The sensor is an open circuit when wet an performs as a 10K Ohm Resistor when in contact with water. The black conductor is the Anode, and white is the cathode.

The unit ships with 4 Flexible C-Clamps for mounting to 1" to 3.5" pipe, and (4) 10" Wire ties. There are no additional instructions in the shipment.