Level Sense PRO- Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump, Water Heater, Temperature, Humidity, and Leak Detector


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REAL-TIME MONITORING with Level Sense Pro Water Alarm Sensor lets you know immediately about fluid levels in wells and cisterns. Discover moisture and leaks early so you can act fast and limit damage.

WIFI-ENABLED water alarm sensor with float switch monitors temperature, water level, humidity, leak detection and power outage. Cloud check-in monitoring helps deter frozen pipes, flooded basements and more.

Back-Up power provided by an auto-recharging internal back-up battery, Level Sense Pro Wifi Water Leak Detector stays on-top of sump pump levels even when storms interrupt electrical service to your home.

UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE with Android and iOs devices, our wifi water leak sensor can also be wired into your home security system. Free basic portal service includes customizable output responses.

WAREHOUSE YOUR DATA with our smart water sensor so you can compare depth histories, pump cycles, and run times. See current conditions and tank levels anytime with any tablet, cell phone or computer.

Level Sense Firmware now supports the following special characters in Wi-Fi Network name (SSID) and password: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~


Be Prepared When Waters Rise

Level Sense Pro Wifi-Enabled Water-Level-Sensor alerts you to the presence of moisture and water before it wreaks havoc on wood floors, drywall and sensitive electronics. This wireless sump pump float switch and water alarm for basement and holding tanks informs you early, whether you are at home or traveling, so you can create a course of action before repair bills escalate. Observe tank levels in real time, see usage levels and compare historical data with this state-of-the-art, cloud-based water detector alarm system.


Fail-Safe Moisture Detector

The Level Sense Pro Wifi-Water-Leak-Detector has an internal back-up battery that is auto-recharging. Should your home lose electricity, this fully-powered water leak alarm keeps tracking tank levels, temperatures, humidity and internet connectivity. You will receive email, text and audible siren alerts if conditions meet any of your pre-selected criteria. Staying abreast of falling temperatures or rising humidity will help you safeguard your property from ruptured pipes and mildew-prone environments.


Veteran-Owned US Business

Our water alarm leak detector is hand-built in St. Louis, Missouri from premium components. It has an IP20-rated housing and 100-decibel horn that you can hear in the basement from your upstairs bedroom. Android and iOs apps offer usability with all popular smartphones, tablets, and desktop and laptop operating systems. Sleep soundly at night and venture farther from home, confident that you have a reliable first-line of defense against leaks and overflows.


Spare yourself costly and avoidable repairs. Add the Level Sense Pro Wifi-Water-Sensor to your home essentials today.


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