Level Sense Sump Pump Failure Alarm with Rechargeable Battery Back-Up

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Level Sense Alarm is a simple and effective line of protection against Basement Sump Pump Failure.

The difference between Level Sense Alarm and every other product on the market is the rechargeable battery and its ability to guard for more than a week when AC power is lost.

Most high water alarms today come with a 9VDC alkaline back-up battery . Alkaline Batteries need to be remembered, checked, and changed in order to be certain they will operate during a power failure.Not the case with Level Sense Alarm.

Level Sense Alarm straps directly to the sump pump discharge pipe (or can be wall mounted) and contains a power supply, float switch, float switch bracket, and mounting accessories for all of it in the box.

  • Level Sense Alarm installs in Minutes 
  • Piercing 120 dB Siren Can Be Heard Anywhere in the Home
  • Self Recharging Battery Operates 1+ Week without AC Power
  • Patented Float Switch Mount Does Not Interfere with Operation of Sump
  • Includes Float Switch with 16' Cord
  • Built in Test and Silence Capability, Made in USA

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