Sump Alarm Wifi Water Sensor, Wireless Sump Pump Alarm with Float Switch and Power Indicator Light for Indoor Outdoor Use, Weatherproof Water Detector Alarm with Free Email Alert, Audible Alarm and Server-Side Backup

Float Switch Cord Length: 10 Feet
Sale price$ 269.99


  • MONITOR WATER LEVELS from anywhere with a wireless water detector and septic alarm by Sump Alarm. Our flood sensor lets you know when water levels approach a dangerous stage.
  • INNOVATIVE WATER ALARM is the first outdoor wifi water leak detector. IP67-rated with gasketed enclosure and weatherproof components, Sump Alarm Water Alarm is ideal for lift stations, grinder pumps and pool sumps.
  • POLYPROPYLENE FLOAT SWITCH on our water sensor alarm detects changes within 6” for fast troubleshooting. Minimize property damage with quick notification from our water level sensor.

  • FREE EMAIL ALERTS from Sump Alarm Smart Water Sensor keep you informed from anywhere in the world. An optional monthly/yearly subscription service sends text and/or voice notices for the liquid level alarm.

  • Server-side backup of the water alarm detector alerts you to loss of power or internet. An LED light and a 90 db horn deliver visual and audible alerts from the moisture sensor.

Get Ahead of Water Damage
Basement flooding is a common problem that can have expensive consequences. The Sump Alarm Flood Alarm for basement, septic tanks and grinder pumps alerts you when water rises precipitously so you can investigate and remedy situations before costly damage occurs. It is the first sump pump alarm with wifi for outdoor use. Able to endure -40 F to 140 F degree temperatures and with a head unit that is gasketed and IP67 water resistant. Your Sump Alarm water/septic alarm system is built to weather any storm.

24-Hour Peace of Mind
Available with floats in your choice of 10-foot, 16-foot,33-foot and 95-foot lengths, Sump Alarm can be used as a septic tank alarm, basement water alarm or lift station tank level alarm. This wireless water detector pairs with your internet system to send you unlimited free email alerts when the float switch senses moisture. With the activation of a 99-cent monthly subscription, you can also receive voice and text alerts to your smartphone or tablet. A server-side back-up lets you know if there is a loss of power or internet connectivity.

Easy to Use
Your Sump Alarm Water Flood Alarm with wifi quickly pairs with your wireless 2.4 GHz internet. The 3-inch x 3.5-inch x 4-inch head unit has integrated mounting eyelets and comes with anchor hardware and cable ties to make installation smooth and frustration-free. A red LED light makes locating the device a breeze in the dark. If you are asleep or otherwise away from your phone, this efficient water alarm will also emit a 90 dB horn that alerts you to a flooding problem.

Act fast before significant water damage occurs. Add the Sump Alarm High Water Alarm System to your home essentials today.

The large (1 inch) LED indicator light is visible from hundreds of feet away. When a high level alarm condition exists, a flashing red light and a 90db horn becomes active (this horn is directional, so please make sure you have it facing your home). Conductivity probes are recommended for use when the water is considered to be generally "clear" as opposed to water that is sewage or has significant floating debris.  The probes are accurate to 1/4" of water movement and avoid having additional moving parts in the sump. 

This product can has multiple levels of security protection and can have a secure connection to your local router and uses another Sump Alarm developed proprietary encryption to send certain data.

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