Weights for Cables, Cords, and Float Switches

Size: 1
Sale price$ 12.99


  • Two assemby methods: Works for New and Existing Installations without rewiring
  • Provides a pivot point for suspended float switches
  • Accommodates any cable sizes no limits
  • Environmentally safe, rock filled (no lead)
  • Weighs 6 oz's and has small profile for sumps

The Sump Alarm 2 Piece Counterweight has two installation methods;

1. It can be installed to existing cables of any size with no rewiring or
2. Slid over a cables up to 11 mm (7/16”) diameter.

This cable weight is not intended to submerge your float switch, it is designed to orient it when the water level rises or falls. Requires only 3-5” of space between float switch and pump. The weight is 6 oz’s out of the box, but will release air and take on water once submerged to increase the sinkage.
You can find the installation instructions at docs.sumpalarm.com/CableWeight.pdf

This product is available as a single unit, or in bulk cases of 10, 25, or 50. All prices listed include freight anywhere in the continental US.


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