A Wi-Fi Extender for use with Level Sense Pro Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Monitor
Wi-Fi Extenders are a great way to get signal to your Level Sense Pro and be sure that it stays strong at the sump pump. Recently, we purchased a handful of different extenders and tested all of them with the Level-Sense Pro. Some performed better than others. Here is the winner (and our recommended Wi-Fi Extender for Level Sense Pro), the TP-Link AV600 Powerline Universal WiFi Range Extender 2 Ethernet Ports Starter Kit (TL-WPA4226KIT).
At the time of this writing, the cost is $55. There are several variations (Click Here to go directly to the correct version on Amazon.Com). 
Extender for Level Sense Pro or Sump Alarm
We came to this conclusion based on several factors. 
  • The Set-Up was straightforward
  • Range is never an issue because the TP Link uses the home powerlines
  • It works even if you do not have Wi-Fi now
  • Everything reconnects (and quickly) after power loss / recovery cycle
  • It doesn't have an ON/OFF button
  • Can be reset but it must be intentional
  • It supports 2.4Ghz (which is what Level Sense Pro uses)
  • Extra outlet or power strip not required

One end of this Extender plugs into both the WiFi router and into a power outlet. Pair the other end to it, then find an outlet in the basement near to the where the Level Sense Pro head unit is located and place the other end. The distant end will create a network right next to the Level Sense. That network can have the same (or different) network name and password as your original network. 

We recommend labelling it "SUMP PUMP DO NOT REMOVE OR RELOCATE" so that a few years down the line it's not removed.

We tested a few of the $19.99 wireless routers (including Amazon's Choice) as well. By and large what we saw was that they work ok, but when power is lost the extender will reconnect to the router, but the extender will  not reconnect to the Level Sense Pro without the pushing the RESET button on the Level Sense unit (i.e. thus the connection process is restarted).

We welcome all your comments. If you have a range extender and it is working - or isn't working - please leave a comment below so that we can share that information with the Level Sense Community! Also, if there is something we can add to this article - we love that - please feel free to comment with that also! 

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