My Wifi Signal Strength is Too Low at the Sump Pump, What Now?

If you've concluded your Wi-Fi signal strength at your the sump pump is low, there are a number of ways to increase it.

There are limitless great articles on the internet - with new ones coming out daily. These ideas can be a starter - but certainly not all of the options to increase signal strength at the sump pump are listed here.

1. Move your Modem/ Router to a location that is more centric in the home and more proximity to the sump pump. This isn't always possible, but if your modem and router are best located at the center of the home.

2. Move the Level Sense Head unit. If the unit is parked directly behind the water heater and air conditioner (for example)  you may be able to find another area within the reach of the cables and the sump pump that will work. Also, depending on the router location, moving the Level Sense unit up the sump pump discharge pipe may be enough to do the job. Test the wifi strength in the new area before executing the move. Click Here

3. Get a WiFi Range Extender. A WiFi range extender will almost always fix a weak signal strength issue. The position of the range extender will require some thought. We recommend labelling it "Sump Pump - DO NOT REMOVE". In some cases, moving the router, and using the range extender for other "less critical" devices than the sump pump may be beneficial in more ways than one (i.e. maybe you finally get internet on the patio or in your pool chair). This can be done for as little as $25.

4. Upgrade your router. There is a difference between the $20 and the $200 dollar router. Our devices communicate on 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4MHz. Speed is not an issue for Level Sense connectivity. 



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